Healthcare Innovation

Rhode Island is building on the strong foundation established by the Working Group to Reinvent Medicaid to help every Rhode Islander access high-quality, more affordable healthcare, and to bring greater predictability for healthcare expenses to businesses and taxpayers. We can innovate across our healthcare system to improve patient care and health outcomes, and lower cost for all Rhode Islanders.

The Working Group for Healthcare innovation will provide recommendations to establish a global health spending cap for Rhode Island, tie 80% of healthcare payments to quality by 2018, develop a next-generation health information technology system for all payers, and establish performance management frameworks to achieve population health and wellness goals.

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  • Spending target proposal

4:00-6:00pm on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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State Innovation Model initiative

October, 7, 2015 Working Group Meeting: healthcare trends in RI

October 13, 2015 Spending Cap Subgroup Meeting

October 13, 2015 Community Listening Session

August 19, 2015 Working Group Meeting:  Is a healthcare spending cap right for Rhode Island?


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